You have many customers – if it happens that you have a lot of customers, and there’s many different types of customers, and you have them all scattered on different spreadsheets, and word documents, and e-mail clients, then it may be a clear indicator that you desperately need a good CMS.

You have duplicate information – have the same (or almost the same) customer information that somehow ended up in two or more files? To make it even worst, which of those files contains the correct and up-to-date information? If this is the case, you really need a good CMS to keep all your information organized.

You need more than one user – if your company has more than one user that needs to have access to the same (or different) information, then it is an indicator that you need a CMS.

You need to run searches – if you need to search for different type of information, from different customers, projects, products, services, etc., then you need to implement a good CMS into your business.

You have a stack of spreadsheets and other documents – if you have lots of spreadsheets and other documents sitting somewhere full with different types of information, then it is a big indicator that you need a CMS.

CMS or Content Management System allows technical or non technical users to easily modify the contents of their websites using a web browser.

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CMS - Content Management System


Do you need CMS?

Benefits of a CMS?

CMS - Content Management System

Easily keep track of your data – a good CMS will allow you to easily keep track of your data. Instead of having multiple programs, each containing only pieces of your data, you will be able to manage all you data within a single program.

Easily generate reports – with a good CMS, you will also have the possibility to generate great reports in a matter of seconds, without the need to search throughout different files, folders, computers, etc.

Easy to use – a good CMS will be very easy to use. Once it is implemented in your business, it should take very little time for everyone to be able to use it properly.