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Content Management Software - Web Design Systems

Depending on the needs of our customers, a content management system can support the creation, management, distribution and publishing of website information. In more advanced solutions, it even provides the ability to manage the structure, appearance, and navigation of the website.

We work closely with our customers to make sure we design a custom management system that will facilitate all these tasks. Even the most technologically challenged people will be able to use it.

A CMS solution will depend on the nature of your website and your business. Some companies offer ready-made CMS systems, but in many cases, website owners require some extra features that are not provided by this type of pre-made systems.

Our creations are completely custom-made CMS solutions for you. A solution that will allow you and your staff to manage your website’s content exactly the way you want.

We can also create plugins and add-ons for your website according to your individual needs and we can provide training for you and your staff on how to use your CMS

Content Management software and web design systems allows technical or non-technical users to easily modify the contents of their websites using a web browser. This means they don’t need to have any HTML or web design experience.

With the help of content management, the website owner – or any other non-technical staff – can add, edit, or delete pre-defined content on their website.

Advanced Contact Management

Advanced Contact Management modules all contact information related to one contact is in one single place. You can search for a contact by:

  • First or last name
  • generate a contact list based on the first letter of the contact's last name, the first letter of the company name.
  • The contact category

Search flexibility allows you to query contact information in multiple ways and always end up with the information you want

Related Contacts, which allows you to group (related) contacts that belong to the same organization, company, etc. Let's say you have three contacts named Bob, Michelle, and Pete and they all belong to the same company 'ABC, Inc.' If you 'relate' these three contacts, whenever you display Bob's profile - for example, - Michelle and Pete's profiles will be just one mouse-click away.

Other features available in the Advanced Contact Management:

  • You can create contacts under different categories
  • You can easily convert a Lead into a Customer
  • You can view/print/e-mail Customer Statements
  • You can add unlimited addresses, telephone numbers, e-mails, and websites for each contact.
  • Under the Contact Activity section, you can manage a contact's notes, cost estimates, quotes, sales orders, invoices, sent e-mails, expenses, follow-ups, letters etc.

Vender Management:

Vendor management enabling you to build a relationship with your suppliers and service providers that will strengthen business relationships. Vendor management is not just negotiating the lowest price possible. Vendor management is constantly working with your vendors to come to agreements that will benefit all parties.

Our platform enhances your Business to Business (B2B) enabling real time commerce between businesses of products, services, or information. In the process paper has been replaced by real time Purchase Orders, Payables, Credit Checks, Expenses, Inventory Orders, Asset Acquisition, Emails & Letters, which makes the process easier and faster.

Global Calendar:

A Global Calendar lets you and your employees manage your schedules more effectively. You can set up public events so everybody within your organization can view them or you can set them as private making them available to you only. But that's not all, you can also choose from a list of other users within your organization to share an event.

Global Calendar will synchronize with your Task Management and Follow-Ups shared or private, depending on your needs or business structure.

Some other features in the global calendar:

  • The ability to setup recurring events
  • The ability to manage tasks
  • The ability to manage follow-ups
  • Three different views: monthly, weekly and daily
  • Quick Event Create and Detailed Event Create


Task management manages all aspects of a task, including its status, priority, time, human resources assignments, field tasks, recurrence, notifications, etc. These can be correlated together broadly into the most advanced activities of task management.

Functional task activities relate to personnel, sales, quality or other management areas, for the ultimate purpose of ensuring production of final goods and services delivered to customers. Allow for planning, reporting, tracking, prioritizing, configuring, delegating, and managing.

Task activities relate to tracking performance and fulfillment of assigned tasks. Our task features authorize tracking by time, cost control, priority, status updates, deadline adjustments, activity logging, etc.

Task management is a must have for any kind of business. Most integrated task management software programs are directed to a couple of industries; the difficulty lays in the versatility of tasks and business environments. Our task flow platform will accommodate the most tedious business demands.

Performance Tools:

We offer a multitude of extra useful convenient features embedded in our flow platform.

Our Word Processor with instant e-mail capability is a time saving and useful tool; Real-Time and Role-Based Key Performance Indicators with drill-down capability are one of the most desirable features in our performance tools arsenal.

Multi language setting allow Users to work in the same environment in different Countries (i.e. between Brazil, United Kingdom, Mexico, US, Australia, etc)

Advanced Reporting is Role-Based and limited with Permissions, in some instances and if requested, your system administrator can imbed extra Security Codes to permit high level sensitive access.