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Website design with website analytics software or website analytics tools will provide insight into the demographics and category interests of your website visitors, website analytics tools are a must have to succeed in E-commerce and any type of website related endeavor. Online marketers can take full advantage of our powerful and flexible dashboards, segmentation tools, and campaign management features.

Website Analytics Software - Website Analytics Tools - Web Design

Web design with our website analytics software it’s easy to track goals and conversions, sessions, hits, page views, downloads, or other metrics important to each user. It will also allow you to look at referring pages and to see which search engines and keywords were used by your visitors to get to your site.

Our solutions allow you to analyze overall website behavior, from the top entry and exit pages, to the paths the user follows while on your site. You can also learn things such as which countries your visitors are coming from, and which operating systems and web browsers they are using.

You will be able to find out how your bandwidth is being used and hoy much time your users spend on your site. You can tell how popular your pages/products are.

Some of the features we offer are:

  • Page view counters
  • Visit/session counters
  • First visit/session counters
  • Unique visitor counter
  • Repeat visitor tracking
  • Single page visit (bounces) tracking
  • Visitor path tracking
  • Product popularity
  • Custom-made filtering
  • Export reports to HTML and text files

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Website Analytics Software - Website Design